1. Creating an Order.

To start a session and start playing with our PROs, you must have Discord or Telegram accounts. To start a new session, you can place an order through our website or Discord or Telegram. If you want to do it through the Website, you need to: Go here vuejs-project (zeyplay.com)

  • - You can sign in through Discord, Google, Steam, Blizzard, Facebook, Apple ID. Press the sign-up button and you will be taken to the game selection screen.
  • - You can select the level of pro player (semi pro, pro, streamer) select the platform (PC, XBOX, PS)
  • - Choose language (Rus., Eng., etc.)
  • - Choose to aim of your game (training, victory or maximum kills)
  • - Enter your in-game nickname (Example Blizzard ID: reddyrus#567834)

If there are PRO players available with online status, you will see them on your main profile page. After you choose one of them, our system will send a request to the PRO player, and they must reply within 2 minutes. If for any reason they are unable to do so, you will be offered other available PRO players with online status. Once the PRO accepts your order you will be invited to our Discord server, our PRO will contact you there and you will start your session.

2. Order cancellation

On the screen where you see the PROs who can accept your order you can click on the red button with the word "Cancel" and the search for available PROs will stop. You can also write to support and ask them to cancel your order.

3. Write off the money for your order.

Payment is only taken from your account balance after the session with our PRO player is finished. Time spent searching for an available PRO and time spent in the lobby between matches are not counted.

4. Adding and checking your account balance

You can replenish the balance by all available ways on our website, through the special tab "Balance" at the top of the screen.

5. Balance top up and refund

The minimum amount you can add through our website is $50, unfortunately we do not allow you to add less, because we put a lot of valuable resources to attract the attention of the PRO player and the time, he can spend with you during your session. The minimum amount of $50 allows us to keep our business because we do not charge our clients for the time, they spend setting up their session and the time they spend in the lobby.

6. Conflict situations during the game

  • - If a Pro behaves inappropriately in any way during the game, report it to support immediately! Support will send your complaint to the Quality Assurance Department and will inform you of the sanctions applied to the PRO and of the compensation for the inconvenience.
  • - In case of misbehavior on your part towards PRO, the service may consider such forms of punishment as temporary or permanent banning, without returning the balance.

7. Can I place an order for a specific time with a specific PRO?

You can place your order online, by selecting a PRO and a time that is convenient for you, the PRO will take the order and reserve the game time that you have specified. You can also place your order through support on the site, Discord or Telegram.

How do I become a PRO?

You can send your information to [email protected] or support on the site, Discord or Telegram.