17:00 (GMT +3)
United States
5 best of 6
136 out of 140
465 EUR
4.7 EUR
per player
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Equipment bans for the tournament:

  1. UAV/Advanced UAV - all types (!!!)

  2. dead silence

  3. stun grenades

  4. stopping power

  5. all launchers (RPG, Arrow, Saw, etc.)

  6. custom shotguns.

  7. ONE sniper/tactical rifle per team

  8. Combat Scout perk

  9. shield

  10. Red Doors

  11. jailbreak (if the entire team was destroyed before the event, at the event you have to crash/flight out of the zone and die. If at least one team member is alive, you continue to play as a team)

  12. Juggernaut (you can not take it, if you took it, you're out of the game and lose points per round. If you use it for its intended purpose - disqualification from the tournament)

In Gulag - there are no bans.

Any team that violates the ban will receive 0 points for that round. Repeated violators will be removed from the tournament and in extreme cases may be suspended from future tournaments.



Each kill of each squad member in each match: +1 PTS

1st place: 2x point multiplier

2nd-5th places: 1.75x multiplier

6th-15th places: 1.5x multiplier

Places 16-25: 1.25x multiplier

Any tipping points (when 1v1 results are matched) will be determined by total kills.

The only modified scoring that will be done is the average per player on the team. If your teammate dropped out at the beginning of the map (before the impact) or in pre-game, you will be given an average score for the absent player.


You are playing threes, for example. One of your third players dropped out at the beginning of the game/pre-game lobby (before entering the battle/impact that will affect the entire game). The other two players made 4 and 2 kills, total 6 kills divided by the number of people in the team (in this case 3) and get an average of 2 points which will be credited to the third player for absence.


If your teammate logs out during the game (impact is committed) - you'll have to continue the game in the composition, which remained. There is no extra charge for this.

If you do not have time to enter the lobby on time - you miss a round. There are no extra charges for this.

If more than 10% of players will be looses - there will be a restart of the round, otherwise you have to continue the game as is.

If you were thrown into someone else's squad - you're out of the game and skip a round. There are no additional charges for this. If you don't get out of the game and continue playing - 0 points or disqualification (if we notice, that is done on purpose to spoil tournament).

Administration reserves the right to make adjustments to the rules to take into account all the nuances that can not be taken into account in advance (we guarantee fairness and justice).

Attempts to pressure the administration to "ask" points for something that was NOT mentioned will be seen as pressure, let's be honest, organized and disciplined (in the interests of all players).

SQUAD team Captain Player 2
place team ROUND 1 ROUND 2 ROUND 3 ROUND 4 ROUND 5 ROUND 6 total

1st place - 290* EUR

2nd place - 115* EUR

3 place - 58* EUR

4th place - free participation in the next tournament

(The final prize pool is formed based on the number of participants and will be announced after the closing of registration for the tournament.)

team Captain Player 2 Total pts